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Abara LMS is pleased to inform that its Learning Management System was included in the “Best LMS for 2022” list published annually by a leading consumer education website,

This year’s focus was on “Ease of Use”, which is a huge testament to the work done by the Abara LMS team to address some of the most problematic issues that users typically face when utilizing an LMS. The end result is a product that is more intuitive and user-friendly to drive better utilization at organizations across the country. is an educational platform founded by edtech startup veterans and academics in higher education.  The site has appeared in hundreds of media outlets and publications for its work to educate working adults and academic professors and administrators on various ways to improve the affordability and accessibility of higher education.

Inclusion in the first inaugural Best LMS for 2022 list is a big honor for Abara LMS and a great start for 2022.



Idh and bci choose
Idh and bci choose

We are delighted to announce that IDH in partnership with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) have launched a training and skill development program for their Field Facilitators (FF) who are engaged with the Better Cotton Growth and Innovation Fund (GIF) programs in India. The learning platform chosen to upskill and train their FFs is the Abara Learning Management System.

IDH and BCI, over 2018-19, noticed skill gaps and variations in the knowledge of their FFs with regards to implementing the Better Cotton Principles, a set of cotton farming principles that makes the practice more sustainable and environment friendly.

In a bid to address this, IDH and BCI developed standardized training modules to educate and train their FFs. The idea was to standardize the flow of knowledge needed by their many FFs located across India, to practice improved and sustainable cotton farming.

In 2019 a pilot training program was rolled out to 643 FFs across Maharashtra and Gujarat to test the efficacy of the modules and training program. After a successful pilot, a full-fledged training program has now been rolled out to 3000 FFs on the Abara Learning Management System aiding them with self-paced training.

Currently all FFs, Producer Unit Managers, and IP coordinators are registered on the LMS and are actively engaged in the self-paced skill development and training.

Idh and bci choose 02 1

“Abara’s ease in usability combined with the audio-visual nature of the training program is what motivates me to log in and train every day. This is far better than our previous training programs which were conducted by trainers in groups. We used to find it very difficult as there was too much to learn in too little time. Moreover, with the training available in our local language, I also use it to train the farmers themselves. I think the ability to learn this way, with me being in command is just superb” – Gajanan Kukutar, FF-AFPRO.

Idh and bci choose 02 1

As an organization aiming to design a learning platform which simplifies usage and enhances the training function, we think such words coming directly from the end-users or learners is a great achievement.

We’d like to highlight that our team were impressed by the motive to train and so we changed the learner-side interface to match the local languages of the geographies where the learners are predominantly located and being trained. This includes localized learner-sides in Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Punjabi, and Telugu. By presenting learners with a software in their local language, we have further put the power of training and development in their own hands.

Speaking about the tool, Hardeep Desai, Senior Director – Farm Innovations at CottonConnect thinks, “The LMS tool has proven to be a very useful tool for capacity building of the GIF projects’ field team and farmers. The FFs can easily understand and learn about various agronomic aspects related to cotton crop. The training videos on the platform are also available in local languages, which makes it easy for users to understand and can also be used during farmers’ training. The tool is accessible at village level and has specially been very useful during these challenging COVID times”.

IDH and BCI are also conducting other awareness training programs like Prevention of Gender-Based Violence Training for their FFs and Ips using the Abara LMS. We think IDH and BCI are prime examples of India’s best and top-most future thinkers. They are not only an inspiration to organizations within their own industry, but also serve as a prime example to others.

It definitely marks the way ahead for other organizations to follow.

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