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WHAT IS B2B TRAINING AND B2C TRAINING?2020-11-30T02:20:50-06:00

B2B training means a training business selling training programs to another business (Business to Business sales) or a corporate client – whether large corporate or small-business to train and improve the knowledge/skills of their employees, customers, partners.

A good example of a B2B training company would be a sales training company that sells sales training programs to enterprise sales teams.

B2C training means a training business selling training programs to the general public (Business to Consumer) via their website, direct sales, emails, or webinars/seminars.

An example of a B2C training company would be one that sells training programs to anyone who wants to learn selling skills to become a salesperson or to improve their existing selling skills.


We are working towards multiple new updates. The UI and UX on the learner-side was recently updated and you can license the new update separately or opt to stick with the old UI and UX.

We have also included a new version of the social learning feature and additional learning objects including HTML page-builder.

WHAT IS AN LMS?2020-04-15T06:14:20-05:00

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a learning portal or an online learning platform to automate the delivery of eLearning and mobile learning courses to its remote learners. It lets you add users and courses, assign courses to learners, view reports of completion, view test scores, give certificates, and process analytics data.

Corporate clients use an LMS to deliver eLearning courses to their employees, customers, and partners anytime, anywhere. Training companies create eLearning courses and distribute it to their customers, who are either learners interested in subscribing to their courses, or to corporate customers, who want to train their employees.

WHAT IS A PORTAL?2020-04-16T06:03:30-05:00

Each portal within Abara has its unique URL (clientname.abaralms.com). Each portal can be branded with its logo, color scheme, and URL.

Each portal can have multiple administrators, managers, instructors, and learners.

The enterprise version of our LMS allows companies to create separate portals on the same system.

WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT ABARA?2020-04-15T06:22:16-05:00
  1. It is a modern LMS built for a mobile-first world.
  2. It focusses on user experience by avoiding a host of unrequired features.
  3. It is extremely simple to use; administrators and learners love it. Using your LMS should be fun and not stressful.
  4. It is a cloud-based LMS and is SaaS ready, allowing you to get started almost instantly, and avoid long set up and configuration phases.
  5. It is an ideal LMS for corporates and training companies. Whether you want to train your employees and/or your extended enterprise, the multi-portal architecture allows you to maintain individual portals for each. If you are a training company with a need for multiple portals for corporate clients, the system allows you to do that seamlessly.
WHAT ARE REGISTERED USERS?2020-04-15T06:23:54-05:00

Registered users are all the users registered within the system, whether they log into the system or not. There are no limits to the number of registered users in our LMS. The pricing is based on the number of active users. Therefore, you only pay for those users who log into the system per month, filtering out the inactive users. For example, if your usage pattern is around 500 users, a 500 Active User Plan will work for you. You could have 5,000 or 10,000 registered users in the system, but, as long as no more than 500 users log into the system, you are perfectly fine. It is an intelligent way to charge based only on usage patterns rather than charging for every learner within your system.

WHAT ARE ‘ACTIVE USERS?’2020-04-15T06:25:52-05:00

An ‘active user’ is a user who signs into the LMS during a billing period (in our case, a month).

Active users are free to log in multiple times during the period.

For example, if you have signed up for a 500 Active User Plan, it means 500 unique users can log into the system during the month.

For additional users (users more than 500) an additional charge is levied. Typically, a charge of $2 per hour will be charged per month for users above the number of active users in your plan. So, if you pay $750 for a 500 Active User Plan, and if 525 unique users sign up that month, your bill for that month would be an additional $50.


Yes. You can set up administrators from your L&D, HR, or Training team. Moreover, you can also set up your company’s hierarchy (departments, etc.), add managers and learners, upload courses, start distributing courses to your employees, start tracking completion rates and scores. Whether you are rolling out induction training, compliance courses, soft skill courses, or sales training, Abara is the ideal platform to train your employees via eLearning or mLearning courses.


Yes. You can set up administrators from your sales, product or professional services teams. They can invite your customers, partners, distributors within the LMS and then invite learners and start distributing courses. If you want to track completion, you can do that or simply focus on distributing your courses. With Abara Enterprise LMS, you can have separate portals for training your employees and separate portals for customer/partner/distributor training. One portal can be managed by your HR/Training or L&D teams and the other one can be managed by your teams that are responsible for customer/partner or distributor training.


Yes. Abara makes it easy to upload courses, set prices for those courses, offer pricing discounts, and invite customers to buy your courses. You can distribute your courses, manage licensing of these courses, and view reports on how your courses are selling. Abara can be integrated with your website as well (in case you choose to sell your website), or you can use the internal eCommerce engine to sell courses from the LMS itself.

HOW DOES THE FREE TRIAL WORK?2020-04-16T06:06:51-05:00

Simply add your name and email address and set up the name of the portal that you want, and you will have a separate portal with its unique URL instantly. You can start adding administrators, managers, and learners right away. Further, you can also add courses and deliver them immediately. Please contact our Sales Team before the 30-day trial expires. At present, automated payment via credit card is not available (but it will be available starting February 2018).

CAN I CANCEL ANYTIME?2020-04-16T06:07:33-05:00

Signup for a minimum of one year. At the end of the year, you may choose to renew or cancel your subscription.


The core features of the ready-to-go system and the enterprise system are the same, with a few key differences. An enterprise system is suitable in the following circumstances:

  1. If you need the LMS to go live before February 2018: Please contact our Sales Team to get an enterprise version of Abara set up. The ready-to-go SaaS plans are available from February 2017.
  2. If you need to set up a multi-portal system: The ready-to-go SaaS pricing will allow you to set up a standard single portal, allowing you to train your employees, customers, or partners, or even use the portal to sell your courses to your customers.
  3. Specific customization is not possible since it is a SaaS system: All core functionality is the same for all portals on the SaaS platform.
  4. If you have specific hosting requirements: Specific hosting requirements include the need for a specific high-concurrency server due to factors like high load, server location in a specific region etc.

If you wish to pay via wire transfer or other such means.: Ready-to-go SaaS plans require an active credit card month-on-month for payments. (Annual payment is also possible.) Enterprise plans are annual license plans. You will still need to pay via credit card on a month-on-month basis for additional active users that log in.

CAN ABARA SUPPORT MORE THAN 1000 ACTIVE USERS?2020-04-15T06:45:59-05:00

Yes. Abara is hosted and built around the Amazon AWS cloud-hosting platform. We can offer high-volume servers setup for any usage pattern, whether you want 2,000 active users per month or 10,000 active users. For usage above 1,000 active users per month, we set up a dedicated server tailored to your usage patterns and performance expectations.


Yes. Whether you are using an enterprise LMS or an open-source system, our professional services team can help you transition from your existing system to Abara. Our system has APIs that help you connect to the existing systems. Alternatively, we can have our database team plan the transition from your existing system and enable functions that let you upload your legacy data and reports while making it visible. Some customization may be required to display reports from your existing system.

DO WE PROVIDE 24*7 SUPPORT?2020-04-15T06:50:15-05:00

Not at present. Standard support tickets can be raised anytime, and our team will respond to you at the earliest.

Our typical response time is:

  • Critical issues: 1 to 2 hours
  • Major issues: 5 hours

Non-urgent issues

  • One business day
WHAT IS SCORM?2020-04-16T06:09:49-05:00

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a standard and specifications developed by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, at the Office of the Secretary of Defence, United States. It allows courses and systems, which host courses to integrate seamlessly and send data between each other. Simply put, if the learning management system (LMS) you use or license is SCORM compliant, then irrespective of who you buy your courses from or who develops your courses, your courses will integrate with the LMS as long as the courses themselves are developed to SCORM standards. Think of it as the USB standard. As long as your laptop has a USB port, you can rest assured that you can buy any USB device and it will plug into that laptop. Just like the USB, there are multiple versions of the SCORM specification. The most popular is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.

IS ABARA SCORM COMPLIANT?2020-04-15T06:53:55-05:00

Yes. Abara LMS is SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliant. Any courses that are SCORM 1.2 and or 2004 compliant will integrate with Abara LMS.


Yes. All popular authoring tools publish courses in SCORM 1.2 and 2004. Abara LMS has been tested with Articulate Studio, Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Lectora and dozens of other authoring tools. Our LMS runs other custom-developed courses as long as those courses are SCORM compliant.

DO YOU NEED SCORM COURSES?2020-04-15T06:59:34-05:00

Yes and no. SCORM is a good standard and tracks a variety of data from your course such as:

  1. Course launch date
  2. Time spent on the course
  3. Number of times a course has been launched
  4. Status of the course—not started, in progress and completed
  5. Score—in case there is an assessment at the end of the course

If you think all this data is important and if you plan to keep your assessment within a SCORM course, then yes, it would be very important to use SCORM as a standard to develop and publish your eLearning courses.

If you do not wish to track any data from point 1 to 4, and want to use Abara LMS’s in-built assessment engine to track scores, then you do not need SCORM. If your courses are largely PDFs, and videos, you can skip SCORM and use the Abara Assessment engine to test learners.


We have mixed feelings about this. Feel free to evaluate our system, but we think our system is tailored better for corporate training and/or training companies. While the system could be used to deliver learning to your students, we feel the system may need to be customized quite a bit to fit into the mold of a Moodle or a Canvas. It is possible that we may produce a variant of our LMS for the academic space in the future. But currently, Abara and its roadmap is tailored for the corporate training space. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you feel the system works for you.

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