With the current global situation, if there is one feature that can bring some form of normalcy to corporate functioning and training, it is undoubtedly the instructor-led training feature, also called ILT or virtual instructor-led training (VILT) when conducted over an LMS.
So, what makes it so important and more importantly how does it work? Let’s find out!

ILT is a live training initiative led by an instructor. Workshops, seminars, crash courses, and any other form of training activity which is led by a live instructor can be termed an ILT activity.

ILT programs aim to facilitate a healthy exchange of knowledge and queries between instructor and learners. Learners can directly address their queries to a trainer who in return can assist the learner. Moreover, the term ‘instructor-led’ finds true meaning when trainers can assess a group of learners and their level of competency and accordingly make changes to the training program for a better result.

When an ILT session is conducted over a learning management system, a webinar hosting platform, or a combination of both, it is called virtual instructor-led training (VILT). Hence, VILT is ILT conducted on an LMS.

The number of attendees, cost of the venue, learner location, and time factors limit ILT. Since ILT sessions rely on face-to-face interactions, only a limited number of learners can attend a session based on the seating capacity of the venue. Moreover, the size and seating capacity of a venue are based on its price-to-rent which in turn is based on the training budgets of an organization. 

ILT’s limitations do not affect VILT. As VILT is conducted over an LMS, preferably in combination with a webinar hosting tool integrated into the platform, the session can technically be attended by an infinite audience. Moreover, there is no cost to rent a venue or are there any geographical limitations as learners attend training remotely from the comfort of their homes.

But the list of advantages does not end here.

VILT, when conducted over the LMS, allows trainers to build assessment sections into the training program. These assessment sections are electronically conducted which means all learner responses are stored on the backend of the LMS where it is processed into meaningful reports and presented to trainers. The advantage of learner behaviour reports is that training can now be tweaked to match the pace and method of training delivery based on learners’ preferences.

Learning management systems can store training content as well, which means trainers can provide learners with a repository of supporting training content which simplifies and engages learners.

Keeping all these advantages in mind, there is no doubt that VILT is a better option over ILT, and by taking the current viral outbreak into account, it may just be the only option corporate bodies have.

VILT saves time and energy to host and conduct training, it works via a few clicks. 

This is how easy it is to conduct a VILT session on Abara LMS:

Step 1

Select your preferred webinar tool, Abara currently integrates with three webinar hosting applications:

  • 1. GoTo Webinar
  • 2. Skype for Business
  • 3. Zoom

Select your preferred webinar tool and generate your webinar ID or key. Attendees usually receive the key or ID externally to join the webinar. But, Abara lets you send the key directly to learners. 

Step 2

Set up a webinar course on Abara LMS. Doing this is very simple:

  • 1. Create a webinar course (add learners and schedule the program)
  • 2. Add a webinar session
  • 3. Specify the number of seats

Step 3

Schedule the course availability and add supporting training material:

  • 1. Select the webinar account (user account)
  • 2. Insert the webinar ID or key
  • 3. Select the instructor
  • 4. Add supporting training material
  • 5. Launch the webinar

Learners log into the platform on the specified date and time.

The Abara platform is a very capable VILT hosting training platform. It supports both the learner and the trainer’s needs. We are currently offering a 30-day free trial of the Abara LMS platform. If your organization is planning on making training remote, effortless, and efficient, we highly recommend testing the Abara LMS platform or give us a call!

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